We had to mention Forming as one of the best graphic novels available for people from all over the world. Jesse Moynihan started posting it on his website from 2009, and today, you can find everything in two books and a third one that will come out soon as the final volume.

Forming is one of the most spectacular and colourful graphic novels I have read, with a great depth of characters and a vast story line.

Jesse Moynihan’s “Forming”

Jesse Moynihan’s “Forming”


Throughout the graphic novel Forming, you will enter the world of socio-religious postulation and great epic among Ancient Greek Titans, humanity and assassin droids as the metaphor for the reality that we live in. With humorous moments, we can see the distinction between the imaginary and real world and all things that we have to pass so that we can live on both sides, as artists and ordinary people.

You will enter in a different perspective of world and trilogy that will provide you the history of humanity with sci-fi moments and perfect sketches. However, the focus is set on the story and idea that Jesse wanted to present. Everything is set on Atlantis in the age of Ancient Egypt, where alien super is going to Earth to establish mining colony for his planet and father from planet Dogon.

However, his son doesn’t want to interfere with his father’s ambitions, and wants to keep the planet for himself. That is when the fun begins because we see lots of things that we know from history entirely altered by the idea of alien species. So, we get Mithras who wants to create pyramid fortress, and of course, finally, falls in love with human names Gaia.

We can see the combination of history and myth through the world of science-fiction where we can find the answers to questions that we are asking ourselves for years now. These solutions are in perfect order so that you can enjoy in it without any additional problem.

We won’t spoil you the excitement of reading this fantastic graphic novel; we just wanted to share with you the idealistic perspective of Jesse Moynihan.

We can only see what will happen in the final settlement.

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Jesse Moynihan’s “Forming Vol 1”

Jesse Moynihan’s “Forming Vol 1”

Jesse Moynihan’s “Forming Vol 2”

Jesse Moynihan’s “Forming Vol 2”

Jesse has published three graphic novels:

1. Follow Me – It is a graphic novel that includes a 120-page journey on non-duality, meditations, reincarnation, lost friends, ultimate raps, communication breakdowns, early man, city violence, ego and free jazz. As he stated on his website, this particular novel is considered as one of the best graphic novels in the last few decades.

2. The Backwards Folding Mirror – It is the story of his life where you should follow different karmic observations of modern man through early ideas of nativity and creation.

3. Forming – The graphic novel that we are most interested in because he continues to update it on his website with lots of volumes. It received high critical attention and success on many levels.

Check his website and start reading, and you will be infected in a matter of minutes.

If you want to support Jesse’s comic creations there are two levels of Patreon subscriptions on his website that give you greater depth and insight into his work :

• $2 Patreon Level – If you choose this particular level, you will get access to his work in progress and lots of blogs relating to Forming, design sketches, thumbnails, notes, and essays that will help you understand the story better than before.

• $5 Patreon Level – If you choose this particular level you will get access to “The Temple” and “The Lodge” which is a blog that will provide you development and research of his Tarot deck. In the same time, you will get high-resolution PDF of every project that he created and wants to build.

As well as working on comics, Jesse is known for being a writer and storyboard artist on the animated television series Adventure Time and has released an animated short “Manly” exclusively through Cartoon Hangover.