I am so excited to share the new cover design for my novel, Frankie and the Claws. Available now in digital stores.

The cover art is amazing thanks to Annisa, a book cover designer and book cover studio Resoluzy. This is my first book about Rupert McAllister  who realized that there was a way that he could bend space and time – there was going to be nothing stopping him. Rupert McAllister was a genius, and his inventions had already transformed the lives of the McAllister family; mother, father, and spoiled family pet, Frankie the Dachshund. What comes next though, is a dreadful accident that catapults little Frankie through a wormhole to a far off land, where monstrous cats the size of bears stalk an alien landscape.

Here’s the full cover.

Frankie and the Claws cover 2017

Frankie and the Claws cover art

Below are all three cover options for Frankie and the Claws, which are equally fantastic. What do you think? Did I choose the right one?

Frankie and the Claws cover options