The Profound Visuals foam sword is comfortable and safe, made from strong and durable polyurethane foam. Inspired by manga and anime swords, this one of a kind foam sword is great for costume play. The new and unique design foam sword is for boys and girls.

PERFECT FOR COSTUME PLAY This unique foam sword is for both old and young. Either as adult cosplay sword or kid’s roleplay sword. It adds a touch of beauty to costumes and makes one stand out. It has unique design that matches all occasions and outings.

PERFECT FOR KIDS ADVENTURE Our safe and soft foam sword provides excitement for your little ones both for outdoor and indoor fun. this pretend play sword encourages make believe and imagination through role play adventures at home, backyard, and the park. It makes a great princess sword or anime costume sword for your children. Available on Amazon now

Profound Visuals foam sword image 1 Profound Visuals foam sword image 2 Profound Visuals foam sword image 3 Profound Visuals foam sword image 4