I’ve been hard at work designing supporting characters for the Beelzebreast series. These are just a few of the early concepts.

Beelzebub’s skull. Beelzebreast de-thrones his father and keeps his skull to consults with. You’d think his father would be mad about losing his head.

The demonic eye. One of the many demonic creatures in Beelzebreast’s army.

Demonic swarm fly. Fear the demonic swarm of Beelzebub, the lord of flies.

Succubus. She could be the tuck shop lady with those tuck shop arms.

Behemoth teen. He used to be such a nice boy before he entered high school.

Behemoth adult in a rage. See how high school changed him.

Beelzebreast supporting characters

Beelzebreast supporting characters