Explore top animations from some of the most talented animators on Youtube. Some of the coolest, funniest and most entertaining animations come from independent artists, creating content for fun. I’d love to see these animators get their own series.

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Tie Fighter short – Paul Johnson aka OtaKing77077

From the man himself “The man, the myth, the moron. Welcome to my almost never updated channel. Why is this, you ask? Because I am a one man animator and it takes me about two years to do anything.”

All his animations are pretty cool.

Damo and Darren – Michael Cusack

Australian animator Michael Cusack creates a variety of demented animations in his signature style.

Glenda, that Classiest Galaxy Tourist

Hit us up in the comments below if you know who creates this series.

Urbance – Joel Dos Reis Viegas

Created by the creative agency Steambot created in collaboration with Japan (Yapiko/Animation), France (Spacesheep/Compositing) and Canada (Steambot/Art Direction, BG creation and script).

The Lion’s Blaze – Olan Rogers

Olan Rogers is a film-maker, photographer, and comedian who creates all sorts of animations, shorts and comedy videos for his Youtube channel. He is also the creator of the adult animated series Final Space.

Infinity Train – Owen Dennis

Earlier this year I had the privilege of speaking to Owen Dennis about his creation Infinity Train. You can read the full interview here. Owen Dennis is a director, writer, illustrator, and composer located in Los Angeles CA. He is currently working as a storyboard artist and writer for Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show.”

The Ricochet Splendid – 2 Veinte Studio

A non commercial project by 2 Veinte Studio. “In an uncertain future, a group of crazy and less-than-obedient squad fights the great war. This group of misfits uses humor to get along during the hard life of a soldier. In spite of the constant teasing, this fraternity look up to each other in hard times.”