Chomp! Chew! Gulp! How do you stop a Planet Chomper?

Ever since it was a baby, the Planet Chomper has worked its way through the universe, guzzling on delicious planets big and small. It gnashes through mountains and slurps up oceans. No planet is too big…

Or maybe one planet is. What happens when the Planet Chomper meets a planet so ginormous he can’t munch it down? Find your copy on Amazon.

The Planet Chomper page 3

The Planet Chomper page 3

The Planet Chomper by Thomas Hautaniemi is a charming lesson in friendship and selflessness, which is guaranteed to be loved by kids. Brought to life with lovingly crafted illustrations, it’s guaranteed to be a favorite among your children’s books.

Find out whether the Planet Chomper will continue to gnaw his way through the universe or whether one friendly planet can teach him an important lesson in making friends and looking out for others.

This magical kid’s book is both funny and touching – it’s sure to entertain! Read it now and find out whether the Planet Chomper can be stopped in his tracks.

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