Meet Joshua Smith, a miniature sculpture and stencil artist from Australia. His sculpture work is simply amazing and I’m glad he took the time to answer some questions and allow us showcase his work.

Based on 15 Pell Street, Chinatown, NYC. Beauty of Decay Solo Exhibition, DEW, Adelaide. Scratchbuilt 1:20 Scale Miniature created from Wood, MDF, Plastruct, Cardboard, Paper, Plastic Card, Wire, LED Lighting Spraypaint, Chalk pastels. January 2016. SOLD. Private Collection.
Photo Credit: Eli (Cigarettes Might Kill You)

How did you go from Graffiti to sculpture? Was this something you were always interested in?

I have been involved in the local graffiti and street art scene for the last 17-18 years since I was in my early teens. Back then there was a strong scene which has since quietened down somewhat. I created stencil art for 17 years and did a bit of freehand work also. 7 years ago I opened an art gallery which I ran for 4 years while doing my stencil work on the side. I ran it for 4 years until I closed it 3 years ago. For a few months I still created the stencil work until I was sick of it and wanted to move in a completely new direction. I experimented with a few 3d style stencils until I thought of the idea of making a 3d building and putting stencils onto it. From there the miniature side took over and I have not looked back since.

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