Eddie Del Rio King Kong

This week I had the pleasure of hearing from Eddie Del Rio, an American concept artist, about his work and experience designing for the entertainment industry. Eddie designs for games and film and has contributed to studios LucasArts, LucasFilm, Disney, THQ, Activision, and 2k.

I am also a fan of Star Wars and to me, working at LucasArts and LucasFilms would be the pinnacle of working in the arts industry. I read in your profile that your first job was with Lucasarts and you were plucked straight out of school. How did this come about?

Yea, LucasArts was a real treat! They made the rounds at my school and was looking at portfolios of that years graduating class. I actually had another few years to go before I graduated.

I found out where the portfolios where being kept and and snuck mine in. Haha. Now when I went to school there wasn’t any kind of classes that taught concept or entertainment design. So most of the portfolios was spot illustrations or wildlife illustrations. Mine was one of the few that had aliens, space ships and other fun stuff. So the studio director had a look at that and invited me in for an interview. It wasn’t until after I got the gig that they realized I hadn’t graduated just yet…

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Eddie Del Rio Under World

Eddie Del Rio Under World